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Place of Origin: Mumbai, India Brand Name: Satec Material: Steel
Quality control: As per standard Steel code: E350 Spray painting: Epoxy / Synthetic , Red; Blue;Galvanized; Client's Requested
Fabrication Advanced automatic welding machines        

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Standard seaworthy packing
Delivery Detail: 3000 tons within 30days
Steel Tall Hotel Building

The advantage of multistory light steel structures workshop: earthquake resistance design for 8 degrees,
wind resistance design for 60m/s, economical, fast construction, repeated dis-assembly, high usage rate,
environmentally friendly, energy-saving.

1) Steel Parts:

A) Use H steel in maain structural beams and columns parts, the size is according to the section of beams or coloumns in differents span.

B) Use C shaped steel in sub-structure purline. Use square steel tubes and C shaped steel in sub-structure of pitched roof parts. The size os according to section of the differents parts.

C) Rivet the doors and windows with square steel tubes or C shaped steel.

D) The treatment method of two-story villa floor: bolster with C sha and floor tiles

E) floor plates of toilets or kitchens should be cast live with concrete, convenient for water proofing. Construction methods; connect the galvanized corrupted steel plate and steel beams to support: Cast live with concrete on it, treat it water proofing; finally, tile PVC floor or floor tiles

F) Connect H-style columns and fondation with bolts, embedded bolts in advance when processing foundation. Connect H-style columns and H-style beams with bolts, local tile welding.

G) Connect sub-structure and main-structure with bolts.

H) It's both aesthetically pleasing and practical to use iron materials for staircases and fences

I) Conceal H steel beams in the rooms with ceiling

J) Conceal H steel columns in the rooms with decorative columns

K) Anti-corrosion treatment with anti-rustpaint for all steel components, If there is special anti-corrosion needs for all steel components, it could be zinc treatment but the construction costs will increase.

Maintenance Of Structural Elements:

A) 120mm thick for insulation; complex sandwich cements wallboard for outer walls. Connect wallboard and steel columns or steel beams with bolts. Process the slab joint with blding structural adhesive and polymer Mortar. B) Heat transfer coefficient = 0.2-0.33 w(2.k): a high thermal insulation material. C) Sound insulation value: 50db D) Easy to decorate: smooth, solid walls, can tile ceramic directly, paint and put up wallpaper materials. E) Light: 30-35KG/m2,stronger than any other seismic performance of bulding materials. F) Reuse: wallboard can be reused,reduce construction waste, save resources. G) Construction is not affected by the weather, generates little building waste, construction site clean-up is easy. H) Efficient construction: 2 workers fix 40m2 per day. notch convenient ad fast, easy to install water and electricity. I) 90mm thick, sound insulation performance good and composite sandwich concrete wallboard for internal walls. Connect wallboard and steel beams, or steel columns with bolts. Process the slab joint with building structural adhesive and polymer mortar. J) Sound insulation value: 40db


A) Deal roof with flexible GS waterproofing treatment. B) Deal kitchen and toilets with polypropylene waterproofing treatmen

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