Our Infrastructure

‘Total Quality, Cutting Edge Technology and Prompt Product delivery are the lynchpins of Satec’s customer focused growth.

To enable this growth, Satec has established a (state of art) manufacturing facility in Bhuj (Gujurat, India).

The main unit is over 140,000 square feet in size, and houses the fabrication, galvanisation and Panel Manufacturing Processes. Sprawled across five acres, this facility employs more than 100 professionals.

Telecom Infrastructure giants like ETPIL and Ericson rank Satec’s infrastructure as one of the best in the industry.

As of today, the facility houses the following key processes :


Satec’s Fabrication facility sprawled across 80,000 square feet processes over 4000 metric tons of steel per month for fabricating pre-engineered structures, solar infrastructure products, portable cabins and auto components.

The facility employs technologically advanced machines capable of handling high tensile steel. This proto-assemble facility also has large storage capacity.

The facility has CNC machines for precision in fabrication. From H beam welding machine to Purlin Interchange roll forming machines to shot blasting and painting, Satec’s fabrication facility is equipped with the latest and most comprehensive production line ensuring quality and durability.

  • H beam wielding machine (PEB)
    Satec’s H Beam steel frame straightening machine is a high capacity, high precision mechanism capable of straightening H beam steels of any size.

  • Purlin interchange roll forming machine for c and z purlins
    Satec’s Purlin Interchange Roll Forming Machines ensures products of high compressive strength and uniform linearity. This enables them to be used in high load-bearing structures making them ideal for use in Solar Infrastructures and Pre-Fabricated structures. These highly automated machines use patented hydraulic technology which guarantees superior quality.

  • Multiple Tips Cutting Machine
    Satec employs high-end oxyfuel cutting machine using oxygen/fuel gas flame. The heating flame brings the material up to its ignition temperature. Then a jet of Oxygen at least 99.5% pure is blown on to the heated spot. The Oxygen jet oxidizes the metal. The torch is moved and a narrow cutting kerf is created, removing the slag from the kerf. The quality of the cut depends on the surface condition of the material, cut-velocity and thickness.

    All low alloy steel with a material thickness up to several decimetres can be cut with this process. Despite the increasing significance of the other cutting processes such as plasma and laser cutting, oxyfuel flame cutting is still a very economical process. For heavy material thicknesses up to 35 inch (900mm) there is no alternative to flame cutting.

    Machine flame cutting ensures reliable hole-piercing, high cutting speeds and allows the production of components to their finished sizes without the need for further processing.


Spread over 40,000 square feet, Satec’s galvanising and has capacity of 4000 metric tonnes per month.

Galvanisation is done post fabrication to ensure that the structure remains corrosion free even under the most severe weather conditions. The structures are galvanised using zinc.

At Satec, all solar infrastructure products are galvanised to ensure minimum service life of 50 years.

Satec’s highly controlled galvanisation process ensures that the steel is pre-treated using special chemicals and enables zinc coating of up to 100 microns. The galvanising plant has a hot plate for uniform drying and prehearing, and zinc holding capacity f 100 metric tonnes.

Panel Manufacturing

Satec manufactures two types of panels for use in portable cabins; PUF Panels and EPS panels.

The manufacturing plant in Bhuj has a dedicated space of 30,000 square feet for Panel Production.

In line with Satec’s quality guarantee, it has imported superlative machines from Italy and Germany for Panel Production. Currently Satec has the manufacturing capacity of 900,000 square feet of panels per month.

  • EPS Panels

    Satec manufactures EPS Sandwich panels, varied colours and specifications as per customer requirements. These panels are ideal for use in portable cabins as they are energy and area saving, water and fire resistant, environment friendly and light weight.

    These panels provide superior hanging force and can be used for broader and taller spanning thin webbed walls.

  • PUF Panels

    Satec manufactures PUF Panels using quality raw material. These panels are fabricated using pre-coated sheets of steel, cement boards, MDF boards or a combination of these.

    These airtight structures provide excellent insulation and can withstand cyclonic wind forces of up to 170 km/hr.

    The Panels are made by injecting PUF between two sheets of steel (or alternatives) and compressed till the chemical adhesive solidifies. Cam Locks are then placed between panels so that they can form an interlocking structure. Through Cam Locks or the Tongue and Groove arrangement, the panels are interlocked to provide dimensional accuracy, thus eliminating the risk of thermal bridging.

    Satec provides these panels in varying thickness from 40 mm up to 150 mm which can be customised as per requirements.

Finishing (Shot Blasting & Painting)

Satec’s fabricated products can also be shot blasted and painted. The facility employs machines which can shot blast SA2.5 or a higher grade. Shot blasting enables removal of mill-scale and rust particles, and makes it ideal for paint adhesion.

The product can then be painted using Red-Oxide or enamel with a thickness of up to 150 microns. This enamel and epoxy coating is fire-resistant.