MD's Message

Welcome to Satec, where innovation meets engineering excellence.India today, is growing at an unprecedented rate. India’s infrastructure industry is ranked 2nd in the world. But, therein lays the dichotomy. While we see sprawling urban infrastructure, rural India is still challenged by basic needs like low cost housing and clean affordable energy.

Since our inception in 2005, we at Satec have continuously striven to provide quality infrastructure. Low-cost and clean housing for site employees in rural areas, module mounting structures for Solar Energy Plants, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Transmission Towers, etc, are some of our initiatives which help strengthen rural infrastructure development.

Whether it is providing low-cost housing for hydro-Electric power plant in Bhutan or housing projects in South Africa and Australia, our aim is to set new standards of excellence in the Industrial Infrastructure space.

While India reaches new heights in the global economy, over 25% of her population still lives in darkness. It is our dream to enable low cost, sustainable and clean energy for everybody. To this end, we provide comprehensive EPC solutions in the solar power space.

With Value Engineering and Total Quality Management as our strengths, we also ensure that we provide quality service to our clients. One such shining example is our work with Sun Edison on the historic Narmada project in the solar space where our design solution helped save 12% of the project cost.

We, at Satec, are committed to strengthening India’s Infrastructure for a better and cleaner tomorrow. Towards that, we have set up a sprawling, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bhuj, Gujurat. Spread over 3,04,920 sq ft and constructed shed of 140,000 square feet, this ISO certified facility is equipped to fabricate Pre-Engineered Structures, Solar Structures and all components required in the infrastructure space.

Satec started with the dream of a single person to provide engineering excellence; today Satec has become the dream of millions who aspire for clean and sustainable infrastructure.

Let’s set out to make this dream possible, let’s determine to build a better future.