Beams are the sturdy, supporting horizontal structures that resist load that is applied laterally on the axis.

H Beams

H beams are the global choice for large construction projects due to their highly superior load bearing capacity, despite their light weight. They’re sturdy, durable and low cost, making them the ideal solution for primary structures.

Slant Beams

Beam elevation takes precedence when a beam mid-joins to a column. If the slanted column is moved, the join position will adjust to maintain the beam elevation.

Plus Cross Beams

Weighing a maximum of 35 tons, a single column of this beam can be 1200 x 1200 mm. The plate thickness can vary from 6mm to 60mm.

T- Beams

Named so, because of their shape, the flange width of a T beam can be a maximum of 1200 mm. The length is typically upto 12 metres, not including the welding joint.

Box Beams

Box beams often referred to as box girders are hollow beams with enclosed walls. They are heavier than H beams and have a high load bearing capacity. They are often added to ceilings or walls as a design element as well.

Technical Specification for H Beam

Technical Specification for H Beam
Web Height - 200-2000mm
Web Thickness - 6-40mm
Web length - 4000-15000mm
Flange Width - 200-800 mm
Flange thickness - 6-40mm
Flange Length - 4000-15000