EPS Panels

EPS panels refer to expandable polystyrene panels that are manufactured using polystyrene beads that are expanded to more than 50 times their size through a chemical process that uses heat. Once they’ve melded, they’re compressed between PPGI sheets into varying sizes of EPS blocks through different moulds. These are further cut and shaped for different industry requirements. They are also customizable and can be manufactured in different densities as per client requirements.


  • EPS panels are a viable option owing to their sheer strength and durability and are best suited for walls as well as roofing.
  • They are designed to be earthquake and weather resistant and are waterproof, soundproof and heat and fire resistant.
  • They are lightweight and thus easy to transport and install.
  • They are an economical solution that also minimizes wastage.


Pre painted Galvanised Iron Sheet, MDF