Labour Colony

Quality accommodation of workers is crucial to the success of construction projects, many of which are in remote locations. Satec provides excellent labour colony solutions according to specific requirements. We keep in mind all the necessary factors required to make your labourers and managers on site comfortable. We have executed various projects in remote areas and are highly experienced with the necessary technical expertise.


  • Our Labour colony solutions are most cost effective, rapidly & scalably deployable.
  • Our ergonomic designs ensure utmost comfort for your Labour & Staff.
  • All materials we use adhere to high quality standard to ensure a long lasting & durable accomodation.

  • The Labour colony can be customised to all unique requirements.
  • We also provide various furniture, fixtures & furnishing giving a completely turn key solution.
  • Execution of labour colony on site is time efficient and can be re-located very easily from one site to another.