Ground-based Module Mounting Structures

We offer the designing, fabrication, galvanisation and installation of module mounting structures. The structures have an optimum weight of 28-35 kg/kWp and are designed in a way that facilitates quick delivery and easy installation. The products are designed as per standard safety norms and have a life of at least 25 years.

Roof Mounted Structures

These modular structures allow maximum utilization of roof space and also save on installation time and costs. These lightweight structures have an optimal design that doesn’t put too much load on the roof, doesn’t require a lot of drilling and thus also prevents roof leakages. We support module mounting structures for both flat and sloping roofs.

Module Mounting Clamps

We offer module mounting clamps(mid clamps and end clamps) that are used for mounting structures. Made of galvanized MS, these clamps are designed for thin-film (framed and unframed), poly-crystalline modules or customer specified dimensions. Our experience in manufacturing auto components gives us the necessary expertise and experience to produce clamps with the highest precision and quality.