Multi Storey Steel Buildings

Multi storied buildings are pre-engineered structural frames, typically fabricated out of steel and used in residential as well as commercial construction projects. It consists of columns as well as roof beams and can be customised for colour and shape as per project requirements. We employ computer aided design technology to create cutting edge designs for structures that can be easily assembled onsite.


Here’s why multi storied buildings are an affordable and convenient solution for your construction needs

  • Multi storied buildings are a cost-effective solution owing to considerable reduction in initial foundation and infrastructure expenses.
  • It speeds up construction time due to relative ease of installation.
  • Multi storied buildings are extremely strong and durable and are earthquake and weather resistant.
  • There are lesser dead loads as compared to regular concrete buildings.
  • The need for lesser columns enables the construction of longer spaces.
  • It is an eco-friendly solution as the steel structures are 100% recyclable and don’t cause material wastage and pollution.
  • It is corrosion resistant and requires minimum maintenance.


The buildings are also fire resistant owing to the following features

  • Intumescent paint
    This is a coating that swells as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing volume and decreasing in density and offering passive fire protection.
  • Gypsum board
    This is also a passive fire protection material containing chemically combined water which under high heat releases steam and prevents heat transfer.
  • Vermiculite spray
    This fire protectant spray is coated on structural steel to build a fire barrier and protect the steel building.
  • Column encasing
    This is designed to protect the structure by preventing it from reaching the critical failure temperature of 550 degrees celcius. Various systems can be installed for the purpose such as fire-rated insulation boards, concrete cladding as well as spray coating and intumescent paints.

Applications of Multi Storey Steel Buildings

Residential Buildings

In the construction of residential buildings, multi storied structures provide a flexible, reliable and cost effective solution due to slim floor beams and light steel frames with steel infill walls. They are widely used in the construction of high-rise towers as well as row houses. 

Commercial Buildings

When it comes to commercial buildings, multi storied structures offer ample flexibility in design and aesthetics. The lesser and smaller columns enable the construction of larger spaces and also enable a lighter foundation. They are commonly used in structures such as multi-level car parks, high rise commercial buildings, airports and hangers, stadiums, metro stations as well as railway stations.

Institutional Buildings

Institutional buildings such as hospitals and schools often have specific requirements such as ramps or areas for equipment and machinery. These needs can be met through the installation of multi-storied buildings which offer design flexibility, low maintenance, durability as well as quicker construction time.

Special Customised Structures

We also address specific client needs and offer customised solutions to meet individual project requirements.