Solar Infrastructure

Since 2011, SATEC Envir Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has established itselfas the market leader in the solar infrastructure space. Today, we have all the necessary infrastructure and expertise for designing, developing and commissioning of plants ranging from a few kilowatts to several mega watts.

Our product offerings cover the entire spectrum of infrastructure requirements for a solar power plant. We also offer customized solutions based on specific client requirements.


  • We offer end-to-end solutions for solar power projects.
  • We ensure that we adhere to project timelines.
  • Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures the highest quality and workmanship.
  • We offer customized designs to suit your project requirements.

Solar Solutions

Being the leading solar infrastructure provider, we have the necessary capabilities for the development of solar plants and projects, customized to client needs. Our product offering includes:

Mounting Structures

Concentrated Solar Power Support Structures

We manufacture large and high precision structures that are required for solar thermal support systems. Our galvanizing plant with a 13-metre zinc bath and 4000 MT/ month fabrication yard enables us to manufacture the large volumes required in such plants.


PUF Panel Facility

Our top of the line PUF manufacturing plant spread over 30,000 square feet has machinery imported from Italy and Germany. Currently it has a capacity of manufacturing 9,00,000 square feet of panels per month. Our high quality PUF panels have a wide variety of applications such as inporta cabins, low cost housing, prefabricated buildings and inverter and control rooms for solar plants.

Fabrication Plant

Satec Envir Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd. has its manufacturing facilities in Bhuj (Gujarat, India), spread over five acres. The construction shed spans 1,40,000 square feet, leaving sufficient room to service the large sized and fast-growing demand.

A fabrication shop over an area of 80,000 square feet with an installed capacity of 48,000 tonnes per year is dedicated for the manufacturing of telecom towers, transmission towers and auto components. We also have our own galvanizing and powder coating unit spread over 40,000 sq. ft. with an installed capacity of 36,000 tons per year.

Our facilities have won numerous accolades and are ranked as one of the best by industry leaders including Ericsson, Tata projects and ETPIL.

Galvanising Plant

With widespread across 40,000 square feet, Satec’s galvanizing has a capacity of 4000 metric tonnes per month.


Galvanisation is done post fabrication to make sure that the structure remains corrosion resistant under adverse weather conditions. The structures are galvanised using zinc.


All our solar infrastructure products are galvanised to make sure that they have minimum service life of 50 years.


Satecs’s highly controlled galvanisation process guarantees that the steel is pre-treated using special chemicals and enables zinc coating of up to 100 microns. The galvanising plant has a hot plate for uniform drying and prehearing, and zinc holding capacity of 100 metric tonnes.

Quality Control

We offer the best in industry quality across all verticals, thus ensuring higher safety andproductivity as well as better product quality and services. Most of our clientshave been with us for many years or since inception.

We also have stringent health and safety policies for our employees such as hazard and risk control, health and well-being initiatives, regular monitoring of competence and behavior and a dedication to safety and quality in all processes.

We have created benchmarks with international quality standards and internationallyrespected quality certifications. We also continuously update our ISO certification.Our unmatched standards have guaranteed zero rejections, a longer life span ofour products and as a result also high customer satisfaction.